July 11, 2012

Wordy Wednesday: Gratitude for Plentitude

This may sound completely contradictory to my detox notions, but tonight I spent a good five minutes explaining to my husband (over that bowl of steamed mussels) that I am so very grateful that we are able to enjoy food experiences such as these.

Thanks to a friend who generously gave us a Groupon that expired tonight, we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Texas French Bread, where they put together a delicious, locally and sustainably sourced menu for dinner that changes day-to-day. And everything is fantastic. It is home-spun and laid-back, and Ryan and I agree that while it's a once-in-a-while splurge, it's definitely our speed. Next time we're hankering for a "fancy" dinner, we'll head to TFB.

Experiencing food like this is such a thrill and I hope to offer these same culinary adventures to our children one day (no kids yet, folks, I enjoyed half our BYOB'd bottle of red wine this evening). Growing up in a small town, meals like tonight's—mussels, polenta, greens, and black drum, with butterscotch pudding for dessert—don't happen very often. But in a big city, these types of extraordinary taste bud adventures exist practically in our backyard.

I am miserly about many things—our house is filled with hand-me-downs and Ikea furniture—but food is not one of them.

It is likely because food is two-fold; I am happy to pay a premium for delicious, nourishing, soul-awakening meals that are sustainably sourced and locally farmed. For me, food is more than just a meal to be had three times a day; it carries with it such significance. Flavors, textures, emotions, memories, new experiences.

And while I am grateful that we are able to enjoy these things, I am reminded of those who go without.

Gratitude for plentitude.