Photo by Aubrey L. Stopa
Thanks for visiting Sustainable Diet! My name is Amber, and I'm an enthusiastic backyard gardener with a love for cooking. Though I have no formal culinary background, I love being in the kitchen and have become more and more obsessed with healthy and delicious foods over the years, finally culminating in a shift to vegetarianism in 2009. These days, I like to share my food journey with anyone who will listen.

I started Sustainable Diet in 2007 when my husband Ryan (then boyfriend) and I signed up for our first CSA box. The idea was to chronicle our journey from frozen chicken breasts and microwave popcorn to fresh, local foods. Along the way, we both became more and more aware of all the crazy processed crap that's out there—and made the decision to shun it. Before we knew it, we were insisting on organics, reading tons of literature about sustainable food practices, generally acting like hippies (without dreadlocks), and eating flax seeds.

I'm a big believer in eating whole and healthy foods that make a positive impact on our bodies, minds, and the earth. The underlying message here is to do good, for ourselves, our communities, and our planet. I'm not here to preach to anyone, but I'm hoping to share good advice that will encourage more folks to live sustainably.

Ryan and I garden in our urban backyard in Texas, with our sweet dog Fin by our side at all times. We're learning as we go in the kitchen and in the garden, at the same time staying busy with our normal day jobs. As first-time homeowners, we're fancying ourselves "DIYers," spending plenty a weekend painting the house, building garden beds, and admittedly not mowing the lawn. Any time that's not spent loving on our home we like to spend with friends and family, enjoying a good locally-crafted brew and bbq.

Thanks for reading, and please drop me a line to tell me a bit about you and your own food journey!

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