July 16, 2012

Always Eating: Healthy Snacks

My colleagues have grown accustomed to seeing me eat at my desk*. Not just lunch, mind you; no, I'm one of those folks who seemingly eats all day long. Not unlike Brad Pitt's character in all of the Ocean movies. Oh yeah, I went there.

In the mornings, I pride my ability to stave off any hunger attacks with a glass of ice water or a cup of hot tea. And perhaps a rice cake smothered in peanut butter. I watch the clock, so that I can eat lunch promptly at noon, and follow it closely with a pseudo-snack that normally involves plain Greek yogurt dressed up with chia seeds and a teaspoon of lemon curd, mixed with a touch of honey, and topped with fresh berries. (It's delicious and you, too, should give it a try.)

Then there's the apple and peanut butter I eat, every single solitary weekday without fail, at four o'clock, followed closely by my pre-dinner snack of a few crackers and fresh salsa or cheese when I get home around six. By then, I'm cooking dinner (snacking on the chopped veggies and grated cheese and maybe I've been known to gnaw on an uncooked angel hair noodle once or twice). We eat dinner, and then when it's time to settle down with a movie or the latest New Yorker (I read it for the cartoons, let's be honest), I never, ever turn down stovetop popcorn.

I was never specifically taught to subscribe to the "eat six small meals a day" plan, but it kind of shakes out that way. I eat when I'm hungry, and most of the time I keep it healthy. Processed foods aren't in the equation; I'm always noshing on the good stuff. Fruits, vegetables, organic plain yogurt, and crackers made with whole grains.

What do you snack on?

*And for those of you worried about the cleanliness factor of my office, rest assured that I wipe the keyboard down every once in a while.