July 9, 2012


Strawberry Shortcake Donut from Gordoughs. I will dream about this one.
Another birthday came and went, and without warning, this one knocked me to the ground in only the way birthdays can. Up until this one, it was easy: "Pancakes and cupcakes and wine, oh my!" But oh, no, not this birthday. A sudden realization of aging; the fear of missing out on experiences—good and bad—with loved ones; a glimpse of my own mortality... Things got a little out of hand and my sweet husband just let me cry it out yesterday. Twice.

Part of my sadness likely stemmed from the lack of nutrients in my system, as last week failed to be the crown jewel in my healthy eating lifestyle. Moderation went out the window (along with my youth; hang on while I grab a tissue and sob some more) and at every turn I made a poor food decision. The restraint I normally pride myself in checked out all week long, as I reached for another beer, another dessert, another pancake, the world's largest (and most delicious) donut, and more, blaming it all on my birthday week.

Of course, there was also one extraordinary culinary adventure: birthday dinner at Uchiko. We happily savored each mouthful of sashimi, sushi, sake, aerated chocolate bar. That's one I don't regret.

In any case, this begins a week of detox. I say that in a very open-ended way; there will be no juice fasts, lemonade diets, or colon cleanses. Instead, I am committing to make positive food decisions. It  means rice cakes with peanut butter, kale-laden green smoothies, and vegetable broth soup. A simple, healthful way of nourishing my body. Oh yeah, and there will also be exercise.

To prove I'm serious: a trip to the grocery store yesterday did not yield its usual wedge of fine cheese. That's right, I came home Without. Any. Cheese.

I'm open for suggestions: what are your favorite ways to detox?


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Renai said...

I'm currently halfway through a month-long Dr. prescribed cleanse/detox/elimination diet - and while I feel SO MUCH BETTER, it's been a bit of a rough adjustment.

I may or may not have cried the first three days- half because I can't eat chocolate or drink wine, and half because I can't eat cheese either.

The list of what I can't eat is much longer than what I can - I can basically eat meat, veggies (no potatoes, tomatoes or corn, though), fruit (no citrus), legumes, gluten-free grains, and nuts (no peanuts).

I'm not having emotional or energy crashes, I'm less hungry throughout the day, and I am sleeping so, so well. BUT I CAN'T EAT CHEESE. Sigh.