April 23, 2013

Early Summer Garden Tour

It is definitely spring, and the garden is loving the weather! Last weekend we were able to clean up the backyard, and my wonderful hubcap even fixed our garden shed (which was falling down). I love when "spring cleaning" finds its way outdoors. The grass is green, and the plants are all budding. 

The summer garden is taking off!

I stuck to the plan for the most part, but we decided to add more okra rather than grow any eggplants. The okra and corn plants are tiny right now (it's still a little chilly for them), but everything else is off to a strong start. 

Pictured, you'll see squash and zucchini blossoms (I tried to start these from seed, but the cold snap we got a few weeks ago wrecked that attempt). Next up, tiny figs on the tree — followed by little peaches. We're hoping to have a respectable crop of fruit on our trees this summer!

Keep scrolling, and you'll see the pepper plants, which are six different varieties from Johnson Backyard Garden. They range from hot to sweet, and I can't wait to taste the rainbow of peppers we'll have!

The strawberry patch is doing well, and tiny berries are beginning to redden on the vine. Sadly, though, the local fauna (cats and birds) have been getting to them before I can. 

Tiny cherry tomatoes are already on the vine, nice and green for now. I'm looking forward to sumptuous salads comprised only of these sweet bite-sized morsels. 

The beans and cucumbers are beginning to start their journeys up the trellises. I planted French climbing beans and two varieties of cucumber this year, Diva (which I had great success with last year) and the National Pickling variety. Both promise wonderful yields, so I'm hoping for the best. 

What's growing in your garden?


Claire Jain said...

I've got Fig and Strawberry envy :-) Some of my Tatume Squash and Tomatillo seeds germinated in the garden today. It's so exciting and excruciating to watch everything get its slow start. I'm still waiting on some signs of life from the Okra!