June 20, 2012

Wordy Wednesday: Hello Summer, Goodbye Garden

This is how I'll remember my pole beans.
Today we herald in the official beginning of summer! And as the temperatures stay in the upper nineties, pushing 100 day after day, I'm coming to terms with saying goodbye to my summer garden.

This morning I harvested another zucchini, a few handfuls of perfectly ripe black cherry tomatoes, and one humongous cucumber that should've been picked days ago. Slowly, though, the garden is calling it quits. Wouldn't you? Imagine standing up straight all day, while it's almost as hot as the surface of the sun, getting only a slight reprieve from the heat at night? Thought so!

The first bed to go will be the beans and the butternut squash. They have given us all they could, and now it's time to let go. It's a good life lesson, really. Letting things go when they're ready to go. Gracefully accepting the change of the seasons, and understanding that sometimes, the circumstances set before you require you to surrender.

So I'll happily let my garden go, looking forward to the next season—when we usher in cooler temperatures and a whole new crop of circumstances. Letting go of one thing leaves opportunity to take hold of another.


Quigley's Class said...

Heya! I'm starting to dabble on a backyard garden of my own and I too live in texas. What do you like to plant for a fall garden and when do you get started?

Sustainable Diet said...

@Quigley - Hooray for gardens!! I'm excited for the fall gardens. I have it on good authority (from my mom) that if you start cucumber seeds and tomatoes now, you could get a nice early fall harvest.

I'm starting seeds for both right now, but here's the Travis County planting calendar. You can likely look one up for your county too.

When in doubt, go to your local nursery and see what they recommend.

Happy gardening!

sherry said...

Thanks for the tip / link to the planting calendar. We live in central Texas, too [about 70 miles north of Austin], and are wavering at saying goodbye to the garden as well. It will just be too hot [106 degrees this week!] to ask the veggies to hang on. We've enjoyed the zucchinis, squash and tomatoes the most.