May 23, 2013

Garden Goings On

Sun gold cherry tomatoes, purple islander bell peppers, and a sweet carmen.
The garden is back at it, which is always a nice way to encourage me to get in the kitchen and cook. Of course, there have been many other reasons to get in the kitchen and cook. Lately, I've been baking goodies for family and friends.

Despite the warming temperatures outside, I've been doing a lot by way of baking in the kitchen. From salted caramel brownies to lemon poppyseed cake, chocolate sheet cake to cherry cobbler, the sugar has been pouring. I have been inspired to turn to my cookbooks recently, namely the Joy of Cooking, for some old-fashioned inspiration. The fact that the cookbooks have a beautiful new home in our refreshed kitchen is, of course, icing on the cake!

When a friend comes over to help, bake him cherry cobbler.
A very special lemon-poppyseed bundt cake.

Another very special baked good: Texas sheet cake, made for my Dad.
As we wait for the cucumbers and beans to start producing (I saw one on the vine this morning) and the tomatoes to turn red, we've enjoyed at least one batch of fried green tomatoes with homemade less-mayo pimento cheese.

Fried green tomatoes.

The zucchini and squash are off to a strong start, and most of them have been very simply prepared. A quick sauté in butter with some onions is really all it takes to enjoy these summer staples.

The zucchini are starting out small and delicious.

As temperatures near 100 degrees, I'm anxious to pick up a few Texas-grown watermelons this weekend, and get started on the summer's popsicle recipes. What are you up to this summer?