August 1, 2012

Wordy Wednesday: It Takes Time

We've done some of this over the summer...

How is it already August? I feel like just yesterday I was proclaiming that I would sit around and play "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on a ukulele all summer long.

Truth be told, these last few weeks have been exhausting. Time has been the one ingredient missing for the recipe of a perfect summer. There were birthdays (our nephew was born!), and happy times, and trips out of town, and time spent with family and friends, and even one very hot night out at the Zilker Hillside Theatre, and a very cool night spent swimming at Barton Springs. There were vegan chocolate popsicles (the recipe is on its way, I promise!) and plenty of cold beers. There was house rearranging, garden clearing, and vine borer battling. And there's been work. Lots and lots of work. I'm not complaining, I'm just allowing myself to say that my day job has been rather all-encompassing lately.

But despite the lack evidence here on Sustainable Diet, there has been a lot of cooking. I have been in the kitchen every day to make breakfast at the very least—today, a work day!!, I whipped up homemade spelt biscuits with maple syrup and scrambled eggs while wearing a white button-down, pencil skirt, and the most adorable Anthropologie apron—and most days I cook dinner too.

Dinners have been quick, and not too pretty, and by the time I cook I just want to eat instead of take a photo and think about whether the meal is blog-worthy or not (like the night I married nachos and kale chips and thought I'd revolutionized the soon-to-be Olympic sport that is late-night lazy dining).

All this to say that I miss it here. The beginning of the year was a real time of renewal for me, and this blog, and I had hoped to keep up the pace all year long. Here, this hot summer has dragged me down. I feel as beat up as the garden, and my spirit needs a little reviving.

A few weekends ago, I cleared out all but two of our tomato plants. The two still standing were spared because as I began to trim back their wilted branches, I saw life in them yet. Like they still had something to offer, despite the wretched temperatures and relentless sun.

So I'm trying to be bold, like my last two tomato plants. While I don't look like much at the moment, I promise: there's a lot to offer. It's going to be tasty and wonderful and hilarious. I'm eyeing the fall planting calendar, planning a mini kitchen remodel, and getting ready for another season of fresh ideas and thoughts and photos.

Do stick around for the harvest, if you please.