July 25, 2012

Pinja Challenge: What Are You Cooking?

I made that...and those...and these...
I was just perusing my In The Kitchen Pinterest board and realized... I've made quiet a bit of 'em. The tequila-soaked watermelon dipped in coarse salt? Yum. How about that cherry tomato pie in a sharp cheddar crust? Oh yeah. And the tortilla pizzas were my very own creation. Which I then introduced to Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great way to collect recipes (no, they're not paying me). I like to open my recipe board just before I go grocery shopping and see what fun thing should be on the menu.

Do you use Pinterest? What are some of your Pinning tactics? Do share, I'm always up for inspiration.


Claire Jain said...

I think my food board in Pinterest is accruing too many pins. It's a bear to sort through. I think I'm going to separate food pins into categories like Dessert and Appetizer before things get more out of hand.