June 26, 2012

Pinja Challenge: Cherry Tomato Pie

Cherry (tomato) pie in a homemade (sharp cheddar) crust. 
Maybe I lean a little too heavily on Pinterest for inspiration, but so far it has not led me astray in the kitchen. Thank you, Claire, for coining the term "Pinja." Allow me to explain. Pinja (n): A ninja-like, resourceful wizard who successfully concocts things pinned on Pinterest. Claire's a quilting and crafting Pinja. I'm having fun honing my Pinja skills in the kitchen.

Halved cherry tomatoes, garden oregano, and fresh onions.

Late last week, I happened upon this lovely pie, via Pinterest, over at Not Without Salt. Cherry tomatoes sat on my kitchen counter, begging to be used up in a recipe—so happening upon one that called for roasting cherry tomatoes? This was just the thing. And on a sharp cheddar crust (one that required no rolling and just a handful of ingredients, might I add?)... Heaven. 

The finished product.

Alongside it we had a raw zucchini salad, dressed ever so lightly with avocado, olive oil, salt and pepper. Add a glass of malbec rose, and oh my... A wonderful dinner to celebrate the season's best flavors!

Simple raw zucchini salad; slice zucchini paper-thin with a mandoline, and dress with EVOO, S&P.

Oregano beginning to bud. We didn't eat these, but aren't they pretty?

What Pinja skills have you been working on? Do tell!


Claire Jain said...

Yesss! Pinja is here to stay :-D Ok, I'm off to make my own laundry detergent, Pinja style!