June 8, 2009

hippie chow inspiration

I'm a glutton for food blogs. I could read them until my eyes fell out of my head, and have very nearly done that on more than one occasion. Today is one of those occasions.

One of the blogs I read regularly is called Bread & Honey. I can't help but admire their gorgeous photos with a vintage tinge. And then when I found out the gal is a hippie-minded folk like me, I just couldn't stop myself. She posted about many nights of "hippie chow"--whatever's in the house goes into the meal. So THAT'S what I should be calling my totally random one-dish meals.
Well, when Ryan was out one night at the movies, I was at a loss for what to cook. Enter a can of organic black beans, some local (grown in Texas) organic white rice, a can of diced tomatoes and hatch green chiles.... and for good measure, one baby zucchini and some carrots from my mom's garden, and it's a hippie chow kinda night. 

I follow the same basic guidelines: grain, protein, and lots of veggies. Sometimes I sprinkle cheese on top. It always comes out tasting pretty good--especially for the ease of preparation. So enjoy your own version of hippie chow!