June 12, 2008

The baby garden

Apartment living is fine. In my dream world, we'd have our own farm with goats, alpacas, a vineyard, and more. But in the meantime...here are some shots from my quaint little container garden.
Here's the lettuce. It's been growing for months from seed...and I'm not too confident that it will ever get any taller. In fact, I know it has long passed its harvest date. Oh well, for now it's still a pretty sight.
Next up: oregano, started from seed. I'm so proud of the seedlings!

This is my resurrected basil. I have killed this plant probably 50 times, and it has faithfully come back. It's even been through a bout of aphid attacks! It is a real trooper. In the background, you can see more oregano and the beautiful, unrelenting mint.
And, finally, another shot of the oregano. I love this container--it's a drawer from a really old fridge. My mom wanted to use it as a planter, so my stepdad shot two drainage holes in the bottom with a pistol. That's just how we do things "out on the ranch." I was so happy to bring this piece of country to the city with me. Thanks, Mom!

And later today... a note about last night's dinner! Here's something to whet your appetite...the exact quote was, "This is incredible. Nothing short of incredible."