June 22, 2008

I'm gonna go ahead and call it Not Gumbo. Or Ungumbo.

There wasn't much creativity flowing on Friday night. I knew whatever we had for dinner had to be fresh, fast, and from the pantry. What I knew I had to use up was the okra, some tomatoes ("safe" because they're grown locally), the leeks, and some purple scallops. So I chopped up those veggies, tossed them in some olive oil and tabasco sauce, and sauteed them tender on the stove. Meanwhile, the rice was a cookin'. Ryan and I weren't quite sure what to call the dish. "What is this that we're having?" "Well, I'm gonna go ahead and call it Not Gumbo." "How about Ungumbo?" Worked for me. We deemed it Ungumbo, and Ryan asked for it again tonight.

I wasn't really going for "ethereal" with those photos...but it took me about 20 shots to realize I had a smudge on my lens. Yeah, that's right. So I cleared it up and it shouldn't be a problem any more! :)