March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Twisty Carrots and Forces of Nature

Well, not entirely wordless. 

This week I harvested the last of our winter carrots and came up with this gem. It's a lesson in symbiosis as much as it is a lesson in thinning one's seedlings.
Lovey dovey carrots. 
It's been a busy garden week. I built a-frame trellises for our cucumbers, snap peas, and pole beans from cedar. It took me about six hours total but these a-frames will hopefully last through plenty of gardening seasons.

A terrifying, awesome storm ripped through our neighborhood Monday night and sent this twenty-foot limb to the ground. We counted our blessings: nobody was hurt, and the City came out and took care of it (since it was resting on the electric line). Not to mention, our power stayed on and none of the gardens were harmed, either! Our little birdhouse needs minor repairs, but we are happy that it was as simple as that. That's the second twenty-foot limb that's been downed in our backyard in the last three weeks. Lesson: do NOT plant hackberry trees. Ours are nearing 40 years old and all need to be removed and replaced with native oaks or pecans.

Lately my mantra has been, "No complaining about the raining." Because it's bringing us such gems as these:

Our first strawberry of the season! It was delish; we split it 3 ways. Fin got the stem.
Fingers crossed for snap peas.


Claire Jain said...

The carrot is hysterical, and those A frames look great!