February 1, 2011

inspired: self-full.

Not a photo of food. GOAL, though.

So I had this a-ha! moment today while reading one of my favorite blogs, A Practical Wedding. Yes, its' technically a wedding blog (but in reality, SO much more!), and yes, our wedding happened, oh . . . about four months ago, but it is so very inspiring to me. I flirted with other wedding sites for a few weeks after our wedding, but have pretty well nixed my penchant for scrolling at 60MPH through inspiring (or aspirational) wedding photos. But I've stuck with my smart, sassy blog friends over at APW.

And while reading Tuesday's post, wherein author Meg encourages women to be self-full, I felt inspired. Inspired to keep doing what I'm doing, yes—but more so. I'm inspired to start doing it better.

Which brings me to this blog. January was so good to me, but most of that was because, wouldn't you know. . . I was really good to myself. I spent a lot of time laughing, running, working out with my husband, focusing on our health and well-being, and exploring yoga. I stretched limits both mentally and physically and found out that I have so much more space within myself in which I can expand.

I started reading a daily meditation and keeping a gratitude journal, where I write down five things I'm grateful for everyday. I set new goals and found little ways to improve across the board. And I shared all this with my husband.

In the kitchen, I renewed a commitment to local, organic produce. I harvested our first baby greens from our garden (which is currently covered with a tarp, because it's 20 degrees outside!), and have been putting together meals in the spirit of whole-ness.

It occurred to me that while this blog is mainly about creating fresh, healthy, and fun foods, it can also be a sounding board for inspiration. From now on, I'm setting a goal to post a newsworthy blog each week, sharing with you an interesting food-related article. I'll also bring you a post like this, albeit hopefully a little shorter, about something inspiring to me. Maybe food-related, maybe not; but always keeping the health of body, mind, and soul in the focus.

My hope? That my journey toward self-awareness and, dare I say, enlightenment might inspire others. So much of what has taken me through the last 31 days has come from what I've read, what I've experienced, and most of all, from really connecting with people around me.

So, in the spirit of my first yoga session of the week, I leave you with my favorite yoga teacher's most inspiring (paraphrased) instructions: Open to the winds of change, the winds of grace; let your heart shine. Be f*$%@g awesome.

Photo: Lululemon Athletica.


Thomas said...


I love your blog and would love to guest post an educational article I have written pertaining to organic and local foods. If you are interested please email me for more information.

T. Morrison