February 16, 2009

oatmeal in a muffin tin

Remember my tease about the delish banana oatmeal muffins? This is it, folks.I happened upon this amazing recipe about two weeks ago, and can't stop thinking about it. This simple, healthy recipe resulted in little tiny cakes of sheer moist banana-y goodness. Not to mention, fellow food blogger Half Baked had a great remedy for the absence of oat flour: just pulse rolled oats in the food processor until the meal resembles, well, flour. Ta-daaaa!

Holy cow, you must, MUST, MUST try these delectable muffins. There's just no reason not to try them. They're easy, they're healthy, and they're tasty. 

Of course, I can't make anything that easy... Having only one muffin tin, and wanting to finish these all in one baking batch to save energy and time, I put a few muffin papers in a cake pan and filled 'em up. Not bad, eh?
These smelled so good while they cooked, and I couldn't wait to try one. Neither could Fin. I can't even think of anything else to write about them other than... they're just good. So bake them. I froze half a dozen and took them to my grandmother... I'm hoping she enjoys them as much as we did!