August 4, 2008

Updates Coming Soon!

I learned something VERY exciting over the weekend: people actually read my blog! Yes. You do. And you like it! You really, really like it! (So leave me a comment, ok? Puh-lease?)

My heart is a-flutter with the thought of you, my dear readers, perusing through this site. And here I am, leaving you with no fresh material!

Well, rest assured, a big honkin' update is on its way. Let me tell you: there is fresh salsa. There are homemade tortillas. There is agua fresca. (C'mon, we're in Texas. Mexico is not that far away, folks.) I will be catching up this week, no doubt about it.

And in the meantime, catch me midday here at Apartment Therapy Re-Nest, where I'll be blogging daily about all things green and sustainable.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more delectable digressions!