July 29, 2008

"Do you need some help?"

Last week, Ryan offered to cook dinner one night. I headed straight home after work and played with Fin, and was greeted half an hour later by my boyfriend walking through the door with two paper bags full of groceries. I spotted carrot foliage sticking out the top, but hadn't a clue what else was in store. He'd nabbed crisp, organic romaine lettuce and carrots, tilapia fillets, white wine, and organic chocolate chip cookie dough. Using a recipefrom Mark Bittman, Ryan showed me how to slightly wilt the lettuce in boiling water, then wrap the fish gingerly. He poached them in white wine and butter, while I boiled the carrots.
The meal was simple and delicious: nothing but a little salt and pepper to season the perfectly-poached fish and tender carrots. And Ryan couldn't get enough of the butter-wine sauce. So there you have it--a meal from the man. Pretty impressive, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

This one made me laugh! Sounds fantastic and I'm very impressed...!