July 22, 2008

what the locals eat

A weekend in San Antonio led us on the quest for some greasy Mexican food. Instead of waiting 45 minutes in line for a table at a popular touristy restaurant, we opted to stand in line at the gordita tent. And we're so, so glad we did.
Thick handmade flour tortillas were patted into rounds, browned on a griddle, and then tossed into the deep fryer. I took notes. They were scooped up, slit down the side, and stuffed with picadillo beef or beans and cheese. We topped ours off with arbol salsa, a recipe I'll hope to try soon in our own kitchen.

We sat down on the sidewalk and enjoyed a perfect Sunday morning local breakfast, and washed the gorditas down with pineapple aqua fresca. Is your mouth watering?


Lindsey said...

Awww, my wedding weekend trip made your post! So exciting. I need to find this taco tent....