July 15, 2008

This tree does not bear olives.

It bears figs. And many, many figs at that.
I'm pretty sure this is what summer is supposed to look like.
Ryan and I picked handfuls of figs from the neighbor's.
The figs were as sweet as peaches. Biting into one fresh off the branch was other-worldly. Some Shiner Bocks rounded out the afternoon.

Fin loves the taste of beer (who knew?). She belly-crawled over to an empty bottle and nursed on the few remaining drops, despite the fact that they were no longer ice-cold.
Yep, that was a perfect summer afternoon. Texas figs, Texas beer, and the gawddang Texas heat. Perfect.


Anonymous said...

Considering the fact that Gene and I have NO kitchen at this point, and we are surviving on frozen dinners, cereal and fast food, what could you whip up with only a refrigerator, a microwave and a toaster oven?
Any suggestions would be appreciated. And I'm serious!
The lemonade made me salivate!
Aunt Patsy

catherine said...

I know it's just about a year old, but I just read this post. My parents have a fig tree in their backyard, a tree that didn't mature and bear fruit until AFTER I moved several states away for college. Now I live in New York, and I so envy your fig adventures!!