June 23, 2008

ohmigosh...it's RISING!

I think this is the best kitchen surprise I have ever had: a loaf of bread, made by me, that actually came out looking, feeling, and tasting like bread. Using the no-knead bread in a hurry recipe, I managed to create a crackly loaf, as promised!

Our friend Brittany was there to witness this momentous occasion, and her response to her first bite was perfect. "OH MY GOD! And I'm not saying that because you're my friend!" One bite and she was won over. And so was I. And so was Ryan. It was like a bright light from heaven had shone down on my little Dutch oven and graced it with a serendipitous outcome.

You can safely bet that I'll be making this way-to-simple recipe, like, eight times a week. This recipe is SO GOOD that I was able to flub it up quite a bit, and STILL end up with delectable--dare I say perfect?--bread.

Hi fives all around, folks.


Faith said...

I learned the hard way how to make bread, where was this recipe 15 years ago???? It also works well with whole grains, though I think next time I try it I'll add some salt for some more flavor. I ordered the Bread In 5 Minutes A Day cookbook which I think functions with the same idea, but you make enough sponge to bake bread all week with.

Speaking of bread, I ordered a loaf of the ciabatta from Greenling for this week. However my box comes really late (after dinner) so it will have to sit a day. Have you any experience with how well it keeps?

Susan Cowley said...

So, Amber, if you're so popular that Ryan's Dad is sending out links to your blog, you'll need to get serious about these recipes! Did I miss something or have you sequestered the Dutch oven bread recipe? I'd love to try it with some whole grains.

25-year Pollei Creative Director Associate,
Susan Cowley

Susan Cowley said...

Ah, I found your link, so I see where to retrieve the recipe. However, have you tried this using whole grains? I didn't notice in the comments under the recipe anyone suggesting how to substitute.