September 11, 2012

Flecks of Green

Arugula sprouts up among pine straw.
This morning I woke up to water the seeds (over the weekend we planted kale, lettuce, carrots, Swiss chard, bok choi, dill, turnips, and kohlrabi) and marvel at what a difference a change in the seasons makes.

The air is cool and crisp. Dawn hasn't quite set in, so the sky is still purple with just a hint of light starting in the east. Grass under my feet feels alive. My heart lifts.

Our first seeds are starting to peek up through their compost and pine straw. The arugula I planted early last week enthusiastically bursts through to daylight. The shelling peas I planted two weeks ago are also emerging, bright green flecks in the browns and tans of the garden bed.

Now is the time I remind myself of the patience required to keep a garden. A few hours after planting the seeds, I told Ryan I was going out to see if they'd sprouted yet.

No, not quite. But the promise is there, waiting to be revealed.