August 23, 2012

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

Sprinkles were especially for my niece. She approved.
A few months ago, I stumbled upon my all-time favorite cookie recipe. And since then, I have made it a point to keep all the necessary ingredients for those cookies in the cupboard at all times: a practice that makes my husband very happy, might I add.

When we had family over for grilled pizza night, I knew by dessert time, I'd likely be clamoring to hold my two-month-old nephew instead of assembling dessert, I had to come up with an easy make-ahead solution.

That's when I had a stroke of sheer brilliance: Enter the homemade ice cream sandwich. For a crowd that loves cookies and ice cream (which this crowd in particular does), it couldn't have been a better fit.

These come together so easily, especially if you use store-bought ice cream. Simply make your favorite cookie recipe, and let them cool counter-side. Test each batch to make sure they're quality.

Then set your ice cream out and let it get just a little bit soft. Pick up a cookie, flip it over, and put a scoop of ice cream on the bottom of one cookie. Grab a second cookie, place it on the scoop of ice cream, and smoosh them together to make a sandwich. If you're feeling fancy, dress them up with sprinkles.

Relocate the cookie sandwiches to the freezer for a couple of hours, and then delight your guests when you tell them to grab their own dessert — it's in the freezer! Marvel how the simple act of thinking ahead leaves you free to hold thirteen pounds of cuteness in your arms. Try not to drip any ice cream on his face while you eat one yourself.

I've decided that everyone should have ice cream sandwiches once in a while. That's why I made a few extras and hid them deeper in the freezer. Turns out, ice cream is the one thing that makes those cookies even better, especially on a hot summer evening.