June 6, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: The Garden Lives

After last week's sad tale of the squash vine borer attack, here's how the garden looks today. It's alive, and we're harvesting Plenty. Of. Food.

Have I shown you the watermelon patch yet? It's overgrown its boundaries, by a long shot, and there are some sweet little gems in there.

This smallish moon & stars watermelon will grow to about 20 pounds.

Eggplant starts are now growing where the zucchini once lived. One zuke remains, in the background.

All harvested this week: butternut squash, green tomatoes, and a trio of peppers.

Peppers, tomatillos, and heirloom green beans are going strong.

A bee happily at work inside a pumpkin bloom.

An heirloom variety of muskmelon (cantaloupe) nears full size.

Huge sunflowers threaten to bloom in the watermelon patch.


Claire Jain said...

Whoa! That moon and stars watermelon is so cool!!! I might have to crash your garden and come see that. I'm sure JL is already in your backyard anyway.