May 2, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: The Morning Routine

Here's what our morning routine looks like most days of the week. Fin and I are up first, and after the two of us go outside to check on the gardens and play, we settle in for a homemade breakfast.

Many folks skip this part of the morning all together, but in our home, we believe in it wholeheartedly.

It's simple, reliable, healthy, warm, and delicious. And even if I'm feeling rushed, I'm better off because we share breakfast together as a family. This meal is nourishing and enjoyable; but best of all, it gives us a moment in the mornings to sit at our table and quietly, ritually, enjoy.

Strawberries from a place decidedly not our garden.

Everything finishes at the same time.

Stovetop espresso and boiling water for americanos. We brew Lola Savannah's Caramella coffee, which I buy in half-pound increments each week at Central Market. It is by far the best coffee we've ever had at home.

Cooked oatmeal in an enameled blue cast iron pot. It gets a lot of love.

Oatmeal topped with flax seed, cinnamon, and brown sugar... In the early morning light.