May 18, 2012

Freshworthy Friday: Glass Gem Corn, and Why You Should Cook

Glass gem corn. No Photoshop tricks here! Image via Seeds Trust.
Glass Gem Corn
Discover Magazine
Holy corn kernels, Batman! This is part of the joy of heirloom gardening. Heirloom varieties are unusual—and gorgeous...and not widely available. This exceptional heirloom has been cultivated recently and seeds were to hit the market in August. Bet ya can't get any now. But hopefully this corn cob gone viral will inspire plenty of folks to find out what other varieties are out there. Nature has so much more to offer than what sits on grocery store shelves; just wait until you see my heirloom pole beans next Wordless Wednesday!

How to Make Healthy Eating Easier on the Wallet? Change the Calculation
For those who contend that healthy eating is "more expensive" than living off processed foods, think again. A new cost analysis of a diet packed with fresh fruits and vegetables versus one that's full of sugary and fatty calories proves that it isn't how much money you have; it's how you spend it. Turns out that when you factor price per average amount consumed, fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods are less expensive than their unhealthy counterparts (if you can even call them that). I still maintain part of a healthy diet is making provisions for things you really enjoy. My own diet in the last few years has become weighted by health food. I never, ever purchase processed foods at the grocery store (not even granola bars or cereal) and limit them when I'm in settings where I'm unable to control my food environment completely. And I also focus on not wasting food, meaning my grocery dollars are well-spent.

Home Cooking Increases Longevity
Huffington Post
Oh, really? Cooking at home is good for you? I never would've guessed it. Yes, it's amazing: when you cook at home, you tend to use more fresh foods and fewer prepared foods. I know of a great website where you can find plenty of recipes with whole, real, natural ingredients. :)