April 11, 2012

The Chicken Who Came to Visit

Speaking of chickens and eggs, we had a momentary chicken buddy this weekend!

Before we could saddle up on our bikes for our Saturday morning coffee date, we were sidelined by this pretty bird. Fin noticed it first; it (we still aren't sure if this is a rooster or a hen; I'd be happy to know!) had been quietly sitting in our front garden bed, minding its own business, when Fin spotted it and went to give a friendly sniff.

In a matter of seconds, we had a lanky, clumsy, curious (but well-intentioned, I assure you!) dog and a terrified, speckled chicken running around our front yard. Before things got out of hand, I plopped down the tailgate and gave Fin the command to "load up." She shot into the bed of the pickup truck, and the chicken clucked and made its way under my car.

By then, a small crowd had gathered. None of our close-by neighbors knew from whence this chicken came, and without a collar or tags, I had no idea how to attempt to return it. So he stayed in our yard for hours... And then we left.

We came home late Sunday after spending Easter with our family, and noticed all the pine straw in the front gardens had been, how shall I say... relocated to form chicken-sized patches. In the back, all the mulch around the garden paths had been shifted around too. Surely, we surmised, the chicken hadn't made its way into the back yard?

But last night, another neighbor confirmed: he'd seen the chicken rooting around in our gardens; I can only hope he was eating all the bad bugs. Eventually the real owners showed up—the chicken had been missing for about three days.

So, I can now say we had a chicken for a weekend. All of us on the street enjoyed the little adventure in urban farming, that's for sure.

Have you ever had a random garden guest?