November 16, 2010

fall, can i keep you?

We've finally hit my official vegetarian anniversary, and I must say it's working out quite nicely. The connection between mind, body, spirit, and food is fascinating; I feel totally connected in many new ways as I've taken this vegetarian journey. I think I have opened up my cooking lexicon to experience new things because of it (cous cous still is not something I enjoy, but bring on the mole, curry, and miso!).

Here are a few things that we've been eating lately. Rainbow chard (topped with cheese), wine-laced caramel apples, roasted acorn squash with brown sugar and dijon mustard.

Fall is my absolute favorite.


Anonymous said...

You've really got to tell me more about the wine-laced caramel apples.

Elizabeth said...

I second that. Recipe for the wine laced caramel apples! (And maybe everything else!)