July 17, 2010

in the summer swing

The past few weeks in the kitchen have held preserving (I put up 25 pounds of figs on Wednesday night, by myself, without a dishwasher), one bad batch of sweet pickles (sorry that I gifted you a pint, Mom—they did indeed turn out terrible), one fantastic red cabbage stir fry (the photo is a sneak peak), a spelt muffin experiment that turned out great to me but was not a crowd-pleaser, and a whole lot of grilling thanks to the new charcoal appliance in our backyard.

This all to say that I've been too busy doing to do much writing about it.

But stay tuned! I have a few recipes to share, and will be doing a wine tasting (directly related to the wedding planning, so it counts as work) in the near future. In the meantime, stay cool and drink plenty of margaritas!