June 9, 2010

hello to a kitchen

Forget that dark old kitchen with particle board shelves and a smelly old pantry. Why did I even wax nostalgic about it at all?

I am in love. Head over heels. Our new kitchen is as charming as it could possibly be, and I don't even care about the dishwasher. We've even decided that the old fridge has a certain je ne sais quoi.

It's that window. The glorious window. Any time of day, it lets amazing amounts of natural light in and gives the whole kitchen, every square inch from the pantry to the recycling bin, a glow. That and the paint color. The galley kitchen may be small, but it's so fresh and open that it feels much bigger.

We moved in Saturday, got the kitchen unpacked Sunday, and cooked our first meal at home (with a guest!) on Monday. We whipped up dinner Tuesday and breakfast Wednesday, and to top it all off, Ryan and I shared dish duty. Heaven. I'm in heaven.

I'm even going to attempt blackberry freezer jam on day 4 in our house. Yeah. That's how together the kitchen feels already, even without cabinet doors attached.

It's such a wonderful feeling to walk into this place and immediately feel at home. Ideas to make the space more functional are already popping up, and the edits we've made thus far have all felt very natural. Once I get my act together, I'll post some before and after photos of our kitchen; you'll see that we totally revamped it (and on a budget to boot!).

Ryan and I are both looking forward to a summer full of cooking. We enjoyed a dinner of fresh garden veggies once already this week, and tonight I'm going to try a riff on two recipes I've been wanting to try. Stay tuned, because . . . Sustainable Diet is BACK!


Candace said...

Hooray for Sustainable Diet to be back, I've missed the regular blogging from you.

And congrats on your house, isn't it just the best feeling to where you live to be YOURS? (Minus not having a landlord to call for repairs, that is.)