June 15, 2009

looking forward...

The heat is beating down on us already this summer, but I am truly looking forward to what's in store.

There is, of course, this movie coming out, all about eating more sustainable and local and organic foods (right up my alley, don't you think?):And I'm sure after I see it, I will become even more of a "locavore," except when my doing so would put someone in a bind. Hear me out; I'll mostly be vegetarian, and eat local, grass-fed, humanely raised meat when I have the chance. If that's not an option at a restaurant, I'll go veggie. And if we're out in the country with the fam, without access to an all-veggie or locally produced meal, I won't make no bones about it, because my momma raised me to be polite above all else!

Moving on! There are plenty of good things to come in the kitchen; I'm hoping to make another carrot bread/cake soon, based on this recipe from 101 Cookbooks (my first one started out delicious....but I didn't bake it all the way through and the middle was a heap of raw mush. Not appetizing).

My mom has been sharing her beautiful garden bounty with us, and that means I have plenty of carrots. And summer squash, and sweet corn... Here's a little sneak peak: Oh, I cannot begin to wrap my head around what's coming down the pike with the tomatoes and okra and cucumbers and such. If our Caprese salad yesterday is any indication, we've got the vegetative world at our fingertips and nothing standing in the way of creative kitchenry.

Soon to come, too, is canning season. My canning kit is in the mail, along with the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving.

And then there's a new side of me: the side that's determined to work toward a fitness-related goal. It all started with the MS 150, and my difficulty completing just half of the 180-mile ride (the first day was rained out, so we endured only 85 grueling, hilly miles). Coupled with my desire to get outside more and spend time on the trails (and in the water) with Fin, I decided to start training for a triathlon. As an early birthday gift, Ryan signed me up for a beginner training group, and from here on out I'll be incorporating fitness into my sustainable diet. Because what's more sustainable than eating responsibly for the Earth? Eating responsibly for Earth AND body.

Other goals for the summer include learning to make cheese (mozzarella is first on the list), eating more sprouts (enjoyed a bowl of sprouted wheat cereal this morning!), making more rustic breads (perfect for summer sandwiches), and going on at least one picnic a week (what started out last Thursday as a gorgeous night in the park turned into Escape the Tornado '09!).

Stay tuned for great things to come--and to hold me accountable for all the things I've put myself up to.


Candace Benad Wilson said...

Nick signed us up for a joint gym membership today, says it was only an extra $5 a month to add me on, and I'm taking tennis lessons next month, I'm so excited to get healthy and have fun doing it! Here's to a hot, humid and sunburned (but fit) summer! :)

bushidoka said...

You'll find this item a lot better than the one that comes with most of those kits.

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arteesvida said...

I just bought the Ricki Carroll cheese making cookbook. We're back on the same page again!

amber said...

@ candace: awesome!!! hope the working out is starting off strong. :)

@ bushidoka: looks like a good product. mine's set to arrive any day, and i'm sure it'll do the trick. once i wear it out, though... i'll opt for that one.

@ artesvida: how funny! let me know how your cheese trials go. i'm pretty excited--my mom has had a lot of luck with cheesemaking so i'm hoping to take some tips from her.

katie marie said...

I saw a pre-screening of "Food Inc." a couple months ago. It's good! I think you will really enjoy it. I was worried it was going to be one of those PETA scare films (which is sooooo off-putting and really, not very good for their cause) but I was pleasantly surprised! Food Inc. was thoughtful, well-researched, and it also made me really, really hungry when they talked about soy yogurt, etc.

So anyway it's goooood. Go see.