May 11, 2009

a change, it is a comin'

Last night, under the influence of an Austin-ified Mexican martini (I went for the locally distilled liquors, to be sustainable) from Cedar Door and wielding the supreme--err, unruly--power of the eBay app for my iPhone (lots of second capitals there), I made a purchase.

A big purchase.

And for someone who shops at Ross and considers $15 too much to pay for a shirt, this purchase felt strange. Yet even with my pre-purchase pangs of buyer's remorse, I shouted with glee and high-fived Ryan when I won the bidding war for a fancy schmancy digital SLR. 

I bought a (hopefully gently) used Canon 20d, for you.

You see, this camera is not for me. No, my dear readers, it is for you. And I didn't buy it because all of you are clicking through on the ads (ahem) so that Google is finally about to pay me; no, I'm doing it so that your overall Sustainable Diet experience becomes better. How very altruistic of me, I know!

For my birthday last year, Ryan gave me a wonderful point-and-shoot that I love and use almost daily. I take it everywhere, and have had many an impromptu photo shoot. But I needed something more. Something that could achieve the bokeh. Something that will evoke in you the feelings I get when I visit the Pioneer Woman. Or Bakerella, or Tartelette, or Bread and Honey, or the Homesick Texan.

Y'all have some eye candy to look forward to, and rest assured that there is plenty of cooking in my future (tonight I made a homemade pizza with onions from my mom's garden and herbs from our own!)... Sorry I've been remiss in posting the last few days, but this is what a trip to Wisconsin will do to you. I'm back at it, and soon will have a brand-new-to-me kitchen tool that will hopefully bring ever more life to the page.