April 20, 2009

simple pleasures

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals. I think part of its draw is that you can go either savory or sweet with it, and either way will do the trick. But the best breakfast, one that always tastes delicious, is something my parents used to make for us as kiddos.

Toast, smeared with butter and jelly, and topped with a fried egg over-easy with salt and pepper.

Now, I'm sure you've had eggs with toast before. But the simple addition of jam or jelly puts it over the top, and the sweet fruit flavors mesh so well with the subtle egg flavor and match perfectly with a tang of salt and pepper..... And there's nothing better than sopping up the last of the yolk and jelly with your last bite of toast. So here we have it, homemade whole-wheat toast with homemade organic strawberry jam and a cage-free, organic egg on top. I think we'll be having breakfast for dinner tonight--what about you?