January 20, 2009

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming...

I'd like to take a moment to forget about cooking and to tell you how much this day means to me. Today, when we watched Barack Obama take the oath of office and become President Barack Obama, I was unbelievably moved. This moment in history has already inspired millions--and I sincerely believe that this is our country's chance to rebuild and bring about a change deeply rooted in hope.

Ryan and I had the pleasure of being in Chicago shortly after the election--the photo above is us in Grant Park. If we could have been in D.C. today, we would have, but celebrating in Austin the day that we ushered in President Obama was amazing.

Please do your part to give back to our country: listen to the President's call to community action. Get involved, give back, take responsibility, and watch your world change around you and with you.

Yes we can!

And stay tuned, because soon I'll update the blog with the lovely dinner we had to ring in the new First Family!