January 15, 2009

Just let me whip something up!

Last week after Ryan and I opted to work out in the gym, we were so hungry by the time we got back home that we almost caved and ran out for food. Knowing we had a smattering of fresh veggies in the fridge, I put up my argument for staying home.I insisted: "Just let me whip something up!" The skeptical BF looked at me warily, so I shot back. "Or YOU can go get whatever YOU want and I'll cook something for me here."

He stayed (lucky for him). I boiled some capellini (almost a whole package!) and topped it with butter, parsley, and lemon. I threw together a salad and an easy citrus dressing...and voila. Dinner on the fly, and healthy to boot.I think part of eating sustainably is learning to work on the fly like this--bringing together what you do have to make something delicious. It's so much better than spending money, not to mention adding to your carbon footprint, by going out to grab food. PLUS, the hungrier you are the more likely you are to opt for fast food. Quickly becoming a strict no-no in our household! (See Ryan's quote from yesterday's post.)


Annette said...

Hello Amber, I wanted to let you know, that through your lovely blog, I've discovered Mark Bittman. Because of your blog, I've started making homemade salad dressing, including the yogurt recipe you recently posted. We had it a couple nights ago and it was a success. Thanks for the great recipe and I'll check back for more.