August 21, 2008

Home Court (dis)Advantage

We had plenty of okra from Greenling and needed something to do with it. Pickled okra was the obvious choice. So, one hot Saturday morning at around 7, I hopped on the bike, grabbed the (wrong) wallet, and headed to the store for lids, the right kind of salt, and some dill seed. Pickling proceeded.
At about this point, we realized that we do not own any kind of jar tongs to get the boiling mason jars out of the boiling water. Luckily for us, we're inventive and brave, and we wound up using regular old kitchen tongs with a wing and a prayer. Seriously.
Three of our four jars popped satisfyingly, and before 10 a.m., I'd pickled okra and was on my way to dog training with Fin.