August 12, 2008

Dressing up a weekday meal

Ryan's generous colleague sent a bottle of white wine home with him one night. In our four-year history together, we've only ever saved one bottle of wine for a special occasion--and every time a special one comes about, we forget to open our special bottle of wine. So I didn't think twice when I popped this bottle open for nothing more exciting than a Wednesday evening dinner. Mushrooms, onions, and squash (all from Greenling) sauteed together in plenty of butter, minced garlic, and sea salt with a splash of wine. The veggies topped off a mini-mountain of whole wheat cous cous, and a sprig of rosemary on top added flavor as well as elegance. So, naturally, I poured two big glasses of vino to round out the meal.

Ryan sat down and gave me the look. "Is that the wine I brought home?" "Yeah..." "That's really expensive stuff, are you sure you want to drink it tonight?"

Oops. Well, the damage was done, and we were much better for it. The wine was delicious! Oh, and so was the meal...kind of.