June 9, 2008

Prologue: The Skinny.

My name's Amber. I live with my boyfriend Ryan and our dog Fin in an urban apartment. Ryan and I both grew up on or near a farm, and we didn't know it then, but we ate a pretty sustainable diet.

Now, though, being adults in a city, we don't necessarily have the rural luxury of walking down to the garden and harvesting our own food.

For many reasons--concerns about climate change, commercial farming, the disappearance of the family farm, and the use of chemicals and pesticides, for instance--Ryan and I are trying something "new," which happens to be something quite old.

On Friday, we received our first box of delivered-to-your-door local produce from a company called Greenling.

This blog will chronicle all the things we learn from eating local, organic produce and items (cheeses, breads, etc.). We'll share with you what we get, what we cook, how it tastes, and what life feels like after making sustainable food choices.

Stay tuned for the first edition: Friday's meal was a big hit!